Roberts | givin' me the chills

Emily contacted me months ago in search of booking an engagement session in the evergreens with snow falling from the sky. We met in Washington while I was home visiting family and as we geared up to travel to a snowy destination, the weather took a turn for the worst and we ended up closer to home, but still a dreamy spot.  Truthfully, I couldn't imagine a more perfect session.  The snow covered grounds were magical and the weather, although still chilly as ever, was worth it!

We had to take a break to warm up and get some feeling back in our fingers halfway, but what happened when the sun peeked through the clouds was enough to have been there freezing our butts off all night! Simply divine skies and these two lovebirds killed it! I didn't want to leave! Thanks so much for a wonderful session in a brand new location, Tyler and Emily. 


Know someone recently engaged and looking for a photographer to capture this milestone? Get at me! Like, today! Engagement sessions are my favorite and allow so much intimacy and creativity! Tag the bride to be and let's show off that bling!