Sunset with the Shepherds

What an amazing evening this was in Boise. The sun was setting just perfectly and I wrapped up my photography season before our baby arrives with an amazing family, the Shepherds. Sort of found it ironic that they were a family of four with two boys. These boys were so fun to shoot with and their personalities really shined through in the gallery. I tell my families that each session is unique in that we will, essentially, be exploring and adventuring around outside, chasing the sun. I never know what to expect and that is what makes photographing families so exciting! This session was no different. We frolicked in the wildflowers, chased down that last golden ray of sun, and the Shepherd family enjoyed each other while I captured it. 

What an amazing finale with a wonderful family! Thank you, Shepherd family for being so carefree during our sunset session! Nothing makes me happier than those golden rays of sunshine and goofy boys! Cheers to free spirits and families of four with an outnumbered mama! 



Although this was my last session until we welcome our newest addition, I do have a list of families and couples I will contact as soon as my body and brain are ready to get out there and create again! I appreciate your understanding and am already eager to run wild in the foothills with you all as soon as I get some much anticipated cuddles in from our newest babe. Reach out to get added to that list, here!