Zander turns ONE | milestone session

These milestone sessions are winning my heart over a little more each time I document them. How many of you wish you could look back at the moment your little one took their first steps, their adorable gummy grin, first exploration of the world around them, or grew hair long enough for their first ponytail? These are the moments I love capturing because they are so unique for each family and child. 

In this milestone session I documented some precious moments of Zander. I was welcomed into Mirielle and Jorge's adorable home on a mission to freeze their most cherished memories for them to look back on. Zander immediately warmed up to me, which is always a good sign that he would be comfortable with me and do what he usually does as if I'm not even there. This is the first photo I snapped as he climbed up my leg!



During the time spent in their home I witnessed the sweetest of love between a mommy and son. Peek-a-boo, story time, "binky kisses," facetiming with daddy, and a pitch like I've never seen from a one year old child. I'm not exaggerating when I say he throws faster and more accurate than most toddlers. 

These sessions are priceless and a must have. I encourage you to find a time, at least once a year to schedule a professional photographer to capture your family. Time goes too fast to allow years to go by without getting everyone in front of the lens. If you've selected me, thank you, and I can't wait for our time together and I look forward to the day when your digital gallery arrives in your inbox. It's seriously like Christmas! 

Thank you, Reyes Family, for allowing me to capture these milestones for you. I look forward to many more!